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About Solar Boat Twente
About Solar Boat Twente

Welcome to Solar Boat Twente! We're a team of students from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Our goal? To make the fastest and sustainable solar-powered racing boat. We participate in multiple races, of which the Energy Boat Challenge in Monaco is our big moment.

How do we make our boat as fast as possible? We use hydrofoil wings to lift the boat out of the water, so it has less drag and we can achieve higher speeds. These wings can change angle due to our electronic control system to keep us flying smoothly.

Our mission

Founded in 2016, Solar Boat Twente has been a place for technical students to explore the world of innovation and high-tech solutions alongside their regular studies. Our mission goes beyond innovation; we aim to inspire the maritime sector to embrace sustainability. The maritime industry lags in sustainability efforts, despite global organizations striving for change. Unlike the automotive and aviation sectors, which are familiar with pollution to the public, the maritime sector often goes unnoticed. Solar Boat Twente seeks to bridge this gap by highlighting the sector's relevance and potential for improvement. We achieve this by utilizing our strengths as technical students: being creative and coming up with progressive solutions: we use Innovation to Inspire.

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