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About RoboTeam Twente
About RoboTeam Twente

RoboTeam Twente is a multidisciplinary student team from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. We aim to innovate and inspire in the fields of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. We believe that with our achievements we can contribute to the realization of a bright future, where robotics and AI is used to improve the quality of life, to revolutionize manufacturing, and to guard a sustainable future for next generations.

By competing in the Small Size League of the RoboCup, the World Championship of autonomous robot football, we are driven to innovate and stimulated to push the boundaries of the possibilities of autonomous robotics.

RoboTeam Twente does not just want to innovate, we want to play a key role in inspiring our audience about the wonders of technology. Our robots might be small, but that does not stop us from dreaming big and enabling future generations to get inspired by our dreams.

Technical Information

In order to have a team of eleven robots play against teams of eleven robots from different student teams from all over the world, we need students with different study backgrounds to help us achieve this. Either by keeping the overview as management, or by working on the technical part and actually creating the robot.

Every robot has a height of 15 centimeters high and a diameter of 18 centimeters. On top of every robot is a cap with five brightly coloured dots, unique to every robot. Above the 12mx9m football field are four cameras who recognize these dots and the brightly orange colored ball. This way, with the corresponding software, it is known where all players are located on the field.

Underneath the cap our PCBs can be found. Among others, they make sure the robot can receive signals from the computer and that all motors are powered.

Technical Information

In the bottom of the robot, we find the components for driving and ball handling. In the front, we have a rotating bar, which is called the dribbler. The dribbler rotates really fast and when in contact with the ball, the ball is given a backspin. This enables the robots to drive with the ball without losing it. Just below the dribbler, we find the kicker, which allows the robot to kick the ball straight over the field. Next to the kicking mechanics, the robot is also equipped with a chipping mechanism. The chipper that scoops the ball through the air, allowing the robot to chip the ball over an opponent.

The four wheels of the robot, located at a 30॰ and 60॰ angle can all be steered independently of each other. Our wheels are omnidirectional wheels, where every wheel has 25 perpendicular sub-wheels, which enables the robot to drive in all directions. This makes our robot turn at a very rapid pace and provides us with a top speed of 8.5 m/s!


RoboTeam Twente wants to inspire our audience and spread the word on the wonders of robotics and programming. In order to achieve this, we offer workshops for all ages and programming levels. During the workshops, participants will be building and programming their own robots from scratch! With fun challenges and small competitions the workshops are engaging for everyone. Whether you have never programmed before, or are an expert software developer, the workshops are adaptive and interesting for any level.

The workshops are given by using mBots. MBots are very user-friendly build-your-self robots. They have several different sensors with which they can sense the world around them. They can be programmed either using a drag and drop interface. This is a very intuitive and easy to grasp way of getting started very quickly with building your own robot. Another way the robots can be programmed is the programming language C to program the Arduino located in the mBot. With the use of a library we developed ourselves, it is very easy to get started while still using a full on programming language.

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