DroneTeam Twente

To innovate and accelerate the drone industry

General introduction

Our top priority at DroneTeam Twente is to contribute to the growth of the drone industry. We do this by speeding up research and development; in other words, finding new ways to improve our design pertaining to materials, sustainability, range, payload capacity, and applicability for various use cases. Additionally, we hope to make a difference in humanitarian aid by utilising drones. Recognising the potential for drones to perform complex humanitarian missions, DroneTeam Twente aspires to improve humanity through developing innovative, efficient drones. Moreover, we aim to reduce the academic gap in this relatively new industry by involving students from around Enschede and hosting workshops that teach them flight fundamentals. DroneTeam Twente competes annually in the IMechE UAS challenge in Wales, where the drone will perform a humanitarian rescue mission in a simulated disaster area.

Technical information

Droneteam Twente pioneers in building drones using 3D printing. Our production facility, warehouse, and office are all situated at one location in the Netherlands. For years, DroneTeams' in-house production guarantees the quality of the drones while maintaining a high efficiency environment.

We believe in a world free from the limitations imposed by the ground infrastructure. We believe in making access to aerial delivery available to all. DroneTeam Twente is developing infrastructure independent drones that can take-off and land vertically, also known as VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing). Now it's time to see the sky for what it is and what it will offer humanity. We see a world where aerial drone delivery will expedite access to critical parts and humanitarian aid in remote locations that were once inaccessible.

The drone is equipped with survey cameras to capture data down accurately so as to map disaster areas. This information can be used to aid workers to better assess the situation. This camera is also connected to image recognition software, with which ground markers can be detected, e.g for dropping packages.


Alongside developing the drone for the IMechE UAS challenge, the team has some side projects. One of them is DroneTeam Racing, in which FPV flight lessons are given using computer simulations. Another is the Dronobox workshop, where participants can build and fly a drone using a building kit made by DroneTeam. In addition to hosting the interest workshops, DroneTeam Twente is working on international humanitarian projects where the team is applying created drones in real life situations.