Polytechnic College Suriname visits the Future Factory
Polytechnic College Suriname visits the Future Factory
April 20, 2023
A total of forty members of the Polytechnic College Suriname visited the Future Factory.

Their visit was part of a bigger excursion throughout the Twente area, where multiple innovative and technical projects showcased what they have been working on, including the student teams from the Future Factory.

During the presentation we enjoyed the enthusiasm and interested of our visitors a lot. Especially during the question round there were many interesting questions asked, some of which we have not heard from before!
After the tour we were given a pagaai. This object stands for collaboration and perseverance. Both of these terms are very close to our hearts since they very well describe how it is to work on a student team. Especially in our joint collaboration within our beautiful building.

We would like to thank the people from PTC for their enthusiasm and perhaps till another time!