VDL Technical Drawing Workshop

Within the Future Factory, mechanical engineering plays a vital role, because it deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of machines. This includes the mechanisms, structures, and systems that make up our different vehicles, as well as the tools and equipment used to manufacture and maintain them. Mechanical engineers use their knowledge of materials, mechanics, and manufacturing processes to create vehicles that are strong, durable, and capable of performing a wide range of tasks. They also play a critical role in ensuring that the vehicles are safe and reliable, and can be integrated into various industries and applications. Ultimately, the contributions of mechanical engineers are crucial to the development and advancement of technology
In order to hone these skills, an alumni of RoboTeam Twente organised a workshop together with VDL, where industry experts explained tips and tricks on how to do technical drawings. In the age of computers, CNC machines and STEP files, the technical drawing is often disregarded as antique, but in fact it offers an advantage that STEP files do not have. Technical drawings allow the engineer to specify tollerances and with help of the GDT system, the design intent can be conveyed, leading to cheaper and better parts. The workshop started with an explanation of tolerances, and the difference between symmetric and asymmetric ones, and when to use them. Futhermore, the GDT system and it's advantages were explained, and we finished up with an exercise on tollerance trains.
A big thank you to the folks at VDL! We learned a lot!