Facts of the Future - Teqram
May 30, 2023 18:00 - 21:00
Future Factory
"Teqram delivers robot systems and handling applications for a wide range of industries". Teqram is a research and development company which focuses on vision guided robotics.

During Facts of the Future a guest speaker gives a lecture about their company, to any member of the Future Factory. This very first edition was made possible by the people from Teqram. The co-founder and one of the engineers explained us how robots can be automated with the help of vision software. Teqram focuses specifically on the steel industry, which requires a lot of intensive labor. This labor cannot yet be automated for many parties. The automation problem is the issue which Teqram attempts to solve with their cutting-edge algorithms and vision software.

The robots that Teqram currently produces are able to detect shapes and edges of any kind of steel plate that is put in front of them. The operator only needs to fill out the amount of plates that are present on a pallet and their thickness. The robot will determine the edges and the orientation of each individual plate. Afterwards it will perform the necessary operations on each plate, leaving a final stack on a different pallet.